Suite aux nouvelles mesures gouvernementales, il vous sera maintenant demandé le pass sanitaire et si ce n'est pas possible, un test PCR négatif de moins de 72H00.

Effectivement, la piscine, le jardin, le champs, les aires de jeux sont en commun.

Voici le lien si vous aviez la moindre question : 
« Pass sanitaire » -Quels sont les lieux où le passe sanitaire est nécessaire ? |

In France, the COVID certificate is issued to people who have tested negative or who have been fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency or one of the equivalents to these vaccines.

In order to facilitate the stay of non-EU tourists in France, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has set up a specific mechanism for issuing a COVID vaccine certificate of equivalence, which is valid on French territory.

Initially, this system is only open to non-EU tourists who are already in France or who will arrive on or before 15 August. Requests concerning subsequent arrivals at will be processed at a later date.

N.B.: a temporary QR code can also be generated by a healthcare professional following a negative RT-PCR or antigen test.

Nous vous demanderons de bien vouloir porter un masque tant que nous serons à l'intérieur des gîtes
(par exemple pour l'état des lieux d'entrée ou de sortie). Merci.

Please, you have to wear a mask inside the houses. Thanks

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